How To Make White Paint?


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In order to prepare white paint you will need metallic oxide (the body colour type), ceruse, oil of pinks, 1/4 oz. of sulphate of zinc.

Take the ceruse and condense it to the powder and mix all of it well together. This should also be mixed well with oil of pinks and 1/4 oz. of sulphate of zinc for every pound of oil. When you apply the second coating, do not add the sulphate and zinc and leave it to dry. Now cover the entire stuff with a layer of sandarach varnish. This colour is usually considered to be curable, sparkling and pleasing to the eye.
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It isn't really possible to mix white paint from typical household paint (unless of course, you mixed two containers of white paint together.) The pigment that colours paint would affect the end result. Mixing red paint with white would give you pink. Likewise, mixing blue and white would give you pale blue. Adding any colour to white paint will spoil the purity of the white colour.

Light, on the other hand, combines very differently. White light is made up of all the other colours in the spectrum. If you tried to mix all the colours of paint, you'd end up with a muddy mess - definitely not the colour white!

Some specialist art stores sell art paint which can be mixed. The pigment is sold in powders; adding other ingredients creates a paint. The process requires a bit of special equipment like a mask and a pestle and mortar. Artists who want very intense pigments may use this method.
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Well you can't mix to get will have to get the color.

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