How Do I Decorate A Spa?


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Anish Chandy answered
A spa is an extension of the ancient Roman public bath. Most spas however eliminate the 'public' past of the bath. A spa can be converted into a visual and olfactory feast. The colors used to color the bathroom can be a reflection of the individual's personality. If wall paper is used then it could be theme based ~ Amazon, Arctic, Mediterranean, Saharan etc.

Flowers and plants could be placed around the spa to give it life. There are some who have the audacity to have one way mirrored windows near their spas. Music could be added to set the mood for a relaxing time in the spa. Pot pourri can bring in aromas that mix with the water. Technology can play its part if water jets and fancy bath fittings are to be installed. Before entering the spa ensure that fresh towels are ready, because dirty towels are a definite mood killer.
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Decorating a spa can be an adventure. You can select transitional or contemporary wall sconces that give a soft amber glow. You may want to avoid traditional wall lighting that is shiny brass because this does not fit in a Zen setting. Contemporary wrought iron lighting fixtures can be comforting. It can also work well with Asian themed decor as found in many spas.

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