How Decorate A Maroon Bedroom?


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I recommend a 3D wallpaper for walls with bright colors, 3D wallpaper designs for living room

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Laura Myers , Blogger, answered

It depends on what style you want. So whether you already have a fully assembled bedroom furniture, you can complete any look you want by planning on the type of decorations that will be sorted to a specific theme you choose. So if you're going to have a girly theme for your bedroom or something that falls to a fresh and rock style, you can play with it.

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Light accents are great with it like creams and tans. Try to throw in an accent color like gold or brown to anchor the room. Dark woods also look good.
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My suggestion would be to use different colors of beige, tan or cream colors for accents and accessories.
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You need a lot of light colour like cream or the bedroom will be far too oppressive. Perhaps a touch of gold.

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