How To Decorate A Bay Window?


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The answer to your question has over 1000 right answers! Your current room decor can really narrow that down though.

Never before has there been so many possibilities and choices for you. If your bay window is built with space for a seat cushion, that is an excellent idea, as not all bays are built that way.

If privacy is needed, blinds or shades can do double duty. Shades and blinds are very decorative now and can provide light control. Normally, there are certain times of day when you may want to let the light in. Possibly the best for that would be a style of blind that operates like a normal blind , leaving you the choice of pulling the blind completely up, or all the way down, or just rotating, that has a fabric face on both sides. The fabric decorates the space with color, texture, elegant or casual, any look you want! With these particular blinds, it gives all the options of a room darkening shade, to looking like there is nothing on the window at all, as they go into there own
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How about to cushion the ledge with flat pillows, Go to fabric shop and buy vinyl table covering with enough to make cover for seat cushion
Put sheers on the windows and put a cushion in it for extra seating. Put a ceiling light in the center of it. Put a nice pathos ivy on either side.
Or you can drape the window with a gauzy, light romantic curtain.

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