When Laying A Tile Floor In A Small Kitchen And Dining Room, What Would Make It Look Bigger, Square Or Diamond Pattern?


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Laying your tile in a diamond pattern, would give the room a broader appearance, however, don't forget, you will have to add at least 10% waste to your project material (tiles), and all the tiles along the walls will more than likely need to be cut, use the 3,4,5 technique to stay square, and start in the door way, and follow the wall.
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Hey there. I watch HGTV all the time, almost everyday and they say that laying tile in a diamond pattern when the room is small is a way to make it look bigger. I'm trying to get many different ideas to redo my house as well. If you ever get some time, you should check out that channel. The shows can really help you out.
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How about a big square pattern with a small square in the middle. Using 12" tiles make a big square pattern using 8 tiles with a different color in the middle an repeat from the center of the floor out. Staggering the big square pattern. Www.marthastewart.com/floor-tile-patterns?lnc=1a89cf380e1dd010VgnVCM1000005b09a00aRCRD&page=3&rsc=articlecontent_home

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