Can You Take A Full Size Bed Frame And Turn It Into A Queen Size Bed?


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You can extend a full size bed frame into a queen size frame by  attached metal or wooden "spacer" beams to the bed frame - however, before you begin this project, you must take apart the bed by removing metal nuts and bolts, or wooden pins. Whatever holds the bed frame together must be disassembled. Then, you can measure new pieces to fit a queen size mattress, and bolt the extensions into place. This sort of job should be fairly easy for anyone who is handy with basic tools; however, some measuring and skill will be required to get a professional result. It's also an option to ask a local bed-frame company to perform the modification for you, for a designated fee. Obviously, people who specialize in working on bed frames will be the best possible people to make changes to a full size bed frame.

Tips On Extending Your Bed Frame

• Safety should always be a priority as you begin to work on a bed frame. Sometimes, taking out bolts and dissembling a bed can be tricky. If you have someone to help you, it's generally much safer. Also, beware of straining your back or neck when you remove mattresses or perform other tasks related to extending your bed frame. If you're not used to this sort of work, you may find all the crouching and straining may take its toll on your body. Bending properly and getting help with tough parts of the job will help you to prevent injury.

• Looking for demo videos on youTube can help you to learn more about extending a bed frame before you begin your own DIY project - it's always helpful to watch someone else do the job.

Don't try this job unless you're confident that you can handle the work involved. After all, many bed frames sell for very reasonable prices - it may actually be easier to buy a new bed frame than extend the one you already own.
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Mine expands out I am assuming it is a metal frame and there are real easy to adjust.
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Since I have to use at least five words to answer yep is the answer...little bit of know how and some tools....and you can do anything..
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Some frames or expandable from double bed to queen.  There are ways to jerry-rig it but not if your bed gets lot of "action".  I think frames are not that expensive at Walmart or Sam's.  Just go buy a new one if yours is not expandable.

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