Does Anyone Have Simple Plans For Building A Bunk-Bed?


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If you're looking to save on space in a bedroom, bunk beds are a great idea.

Here are a couple sites you'll want to check out for instructions, designs and pointers:

How to build your own bunk-bed

Bunk-beds are really useful for saving space in your child'd room.

Unfortunately some of the prices that retailers charge these days are almost nonsensical considering how easy a bunk-bed is to put together.

Provided you've got some decent materials to work with, designing and assembling a bunk-bed is as simple as following some basic instructions.

DIY bunk-bed
Here are a couple of sites I'd recommend you have a look at:
  • Wood-work and joinery guru Ted McGrath has a pretty nifty database of thousands of wood-work projects you might be interested in.
The main thing to bear in mind when making a bunk-bed is safety. Always take the utmost care and caution when building your bunk-bed.

Consider testing out the bunk-bed by loading it with heavy objects before you allow your child to sleep in it.

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