Will A King Size Bed Fit In A 11x12 Room?


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Well...a king size bed is around 76" wide by 80" long. If you feel ok having that much of the room taken up by your bed alone, then go for it. But I wouldn't try to squeeze a king size in there. It would take up at least half of the room, with almost no space to even walk around it....let alone putting dressers in the room with it. Or forbid...a TV !! Maybe if you squeezed it against one wall, you could make do if you have to though.. My room is about 11'6" by 13' and I use a queen size in it. I couldn't go any tighter, for my comfort. Good luck.
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It's not a matter of whether the bed can fit into the room, but whether you'll be okay with the amount of space that will be left behind once you've moved your bed in. Take into consideration the door frame too as it will affect the ease of moving the mattress in. You may also want to consider a storage bed frame to help increase the usable real estate in the room.

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We tried that.  Had to move all the furniture (dresser, night stands) into the hall, remove the closet door, and accept not having a lamp,. But it worked.  Sort of. 

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