Can I Take My Queen-Size Bed Frame And Convert It Into A King-Size Bed Frame? I Have A Queen-Size Headboard And Footboard.


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Yes, you're in luck - you can convert your queen-size bed into a king-size bed. The reason for this is that the lengths of queen-size and king-size beds are the same.

For example, in America, a queen-size bed measures 60ins x 80ins (150cm x 200cm), whilst a king-size bed measures 76ins x 80ins (190cm x 200cm). So all you need to do to resolve your problem is to extend the width of your bed by 16ins (40cm).

How to convert a king-size bed into a queen-size bed:
  • The first step you need to take is to remove the slats or board that the mattress rests upon.
  • Next, remove the original headboard and footboard from your queen-size bed. (This should be as simple as undoing a few screws, using either the correct-sized screwdriver or an allen key.
  • Finally, replace the queen-sized headboard and footboard with the king-sized ones, and you will have a beautiful big bed to enjoy!

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