We Are Tiling The Bathtub Using Greenboard Around The Tub, With Sheetrock For The Other Portion Of The Bathroom. Can We Adhere Ceramic Tile On Sheetrock Portions That Extend The Area Of Greenboard? And Can We Use Mastic?


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You can apply tile to regular sheetrock without any worries provided the sheetrock is not subjected to water as the greenboard around the tub. I once moved into an old home with painted sheetrock around a tub and as (what I thought would be a temporary situation) tiled around the tub on the existing sheetrock. As other projects took priority, it was 10+ years before I tore out the tile and sheetrock and remodeled the bathroom.
I simply used the same mastic everywhere to apply the tile.
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You can apply tile to Sheetrock only in small quantities such as backsplashes or borders around tubs and showers. Entire shower walls should be applied to a concrete type backer board.
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You should use nothing but greenboard in a bathroom, and yes, you can use mastic, but I think you might want to talk to your municipality about what the code is for using greenboard, and white sheet rock in your bathroom. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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