I Am Wanting To Lay Ceramic Tile On Top Of Wood Table. My Question Is, Can I Just Use A Tiling Putty Rather Than The Thinset/mortar, Then Grout The Table?


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You can use premixed tile mastic to adhere the tile to the table, since you won't be walking on it.
  Thin-set mortar mix is generally used on floors. It provides a stronger bond, so it is important to use it when tiling floors because of the weight and heavy traffic.

You  can pick up  a (free) pamphlet on how to lay tile at the Home Depot store. It is a quick read and can usually be found in the tile department. If you don't see them, just ask an employee for one.
  You could also try practicing on a piece of plywood with liquid nail and tile mastic to see which method works the best for you.
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Thank you for answering, I am new to ceramic tile so any information is appreciated!
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Added to my answer. Tried to leave it as a comment, but it was too long.
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My husband built a plant stand for me, the length of a coffee table about 4 ft high with a shelf.  
I have 4 squares of marble that I want to tile the top of the stand with.  Can I spread thinset ontop of the wood, lay the marble (once I break it up) and then grout?  I have been hearing a lot about backer board, what is that for?
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You could also try construction adhesive(liquid nails) and then grout the tiles(to fill the gaps) after the glue dries...

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