I Have Wooden Floor Boards On Top Of These I Want To Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles, Do I Need Anything Special To Lay This On The Floor?


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No you shouldn't lay tiles on wooden floor boards.The reason for this is that floor boards move!! this is caused bythe weather.this may sound funny,but the weather will cause the boards to move to the point where they will even buckle.It has to do with the moisture in the air.then of course when the air is dry the boards shrink.What you need to do is to lay down a sub-floor.Ask the people at your local lumber yard what thickness you'll need to lay.once you have the sub-floor in place,then you will start with adhesive .This will be played a 1/4 inch thick.(work with a small area.(two ft by 4 ft.) then place the tile in place. (you may want to do a dry fitting first ) you are going to repeat this until the floor is done . you'll need a tile saw.(rent one) this will be for the edge pieces.

I find it easier to place these pieces in as I go alone. ) once all of the tile is laid then let set up for 24 hrs. Don't forget to use spacers between the tiles while you are setting the tiles. then you get to grout between the tiles . Read the instructions on the grout mix. ( I prefer the dry,you can mix the amount that you can work.) this will take another 24 hrs to completely dry . Don't forget to sponge the grout. if you have never done this before , get a handyman's book or go to the handyman's club of America site , they have a lot of info on there site . Good luck , and if you enjoy do it yourself projects you'll enjoy laying your new floor.

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