How To Lay Chipboard Flooring?


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Chipboard is made of coarse sawdust and resin and is cheaper, denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood and is substituted for them when appearance and strength are less important than cost. It is often used by developers as a sub-flooring material as it is less expensive than other materials. It is also referred to as a particle board. This type of sub floor is ideal for all types of flooring, including tile, slate, carpet and vinyl. You can buy chipboard that has been treated for termites and fungus. This type is perfect if the home is in a damp location.

Below are the best tips for laying down chipboard flooring in your home:

Decide what kind of chipboard it is you need. The tongues are color-coded. Yellow Tongue and Red Tongue are both all-purpose interior flooring, designed for fitted flooring or platform construction. Yellow Tongue is 19mm thick and Red Tongue is 22mm thick. Blue Tongue is thicker, at 25mm and is made for buildings with greater floor loads.

Measure the area of the room that you'll be working on. The typical size of a sheet of chipboard flooring is 3.6 metres long and 6 metres or 9 metres wide. Divide the total area by the size of the board, to determine how many sheets you'll need.

Lay out the chipboard. The edges of the panels are fitted with color-coded tongues made of PVC. This ensures the sheets, will fit together easily and tightly. Fit the chipboard panels together and nail them down. Use 2 inch ribbed nails to attach the flooring to the joists. Then Lay down as many pieces as you can, covering the majority of the floor. Nail them into place. After this you can measure the remaining chipboard flooring to fit the corners and edges of the floor. Using your saw cut them to the right size and nail into place.
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Chipboard flooring is the ideal type of flooring and it is also cheap. You can install such flooring very easily by using simple tools available at home. See the link below for step by step details:

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