If I Want To Lay Ceramic Tile Over A Linoleum Floor, Do I Have To Put Down A Concrete Board First?


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Steven Vakula answered
If you are going through all the effort to lay the tile, I suggest you put in the extra efforts of removing the linoleum. You will regret this if you do not do it before hand. The tile will look and last longer and you will feel much better for doing the extra work as the outcome will be far superior.
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Larry Patterson answered
The concrete backer board is advisable in most cases, especially if the thickness of the original floor is less than  three-quarters of an inch.  You can put it on top of the linoleum with the backer board screwed down good.
Without backboard, the linoleum should be removed as indicated by CountVak.  You will still have to make certain the original floor is as thick as required by the tile manufacturer, and that you are laying the mortar on a compatible surface.
Rent or buy a wet/tile saw for the cuts.

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