How To Add Concrete To Existing Concrete Steps?


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Repairing your concrete steps is a very easy task, however, you will need many tools to begin the job. These include a cold chisel, sledgehammer, garden hose, whiskbroom, hammer, shovel, sturdy wheel barrow, stiff paint brush, wood concrete float and a trowel. For materials, you would need boards as long and wide as the steps to be repaired, bricks, short pieces of 2x4, four-penny common nails, plastic drop cloth, ready mix sand concrete mix and liquid concrete bonding agent.

Begin by preparing the edges of the damaged steps; this may be achieved by chiseling out the weakened concrete.  Use a sledgehammer to expose and widen down to solid concrete. Using your chisel, cut a V shape into the damaged area in the step. Build a form using boards as long and wide as the step being repaired, set the boards around the step and hold it firmly in place (use bricks to keep in place)

Prepare your ready mix sand concrete (follow instructions on package), pour dry mix into sturdy wheel barrow, add water and use shovel to mix, when mix is ready, use a water hose to dampen concrete steps, apply liquid concrete bonding agent to the chiseled out edge with a stiff brush (rinse brush immediately). Fill the boarded step’s chiseled cavity with concrete using a shovel or trowel, and pack concrete firmly into undercut.

Use trowel to level newly poured concrete so as to meet the old concrete’s surface. Use wood float to smooth surface, wait 45 minutes, and then smoothen again, this would help to match the texture of the existing concrete. For a smoother look, wait for film of water from last smoothing to be absorbed, and then smoothen again with a trowel. Cover steps with a plastic cloth, with weight above, below and the mended sides and leave for a week; wet occasionally with a garden hose; job done.
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If you can watch video go to my page by clicking on my name ,I have a video on this exact question...later
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You can use a product called Concrete Patcher.
  Sakrete is a good brand.
If you use a regular concrete mix, it will not adhere to the existing concrete and will crumble right back off once it dries.
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If its too thin it wont work so it should be about 3 inches thick to work and if it is then you build forms around the existing steps with mounting screws into the existing steps but keep below the top of your form and use a concrete adhesive too and all this will help bond all together. Now if you can't make the steps 3 inches more then consider replacing the whole steps as a matter of safety

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