How Do I Remove The Black Or Green Mold (moss?) From Outdoor Carpet On A Concrete Slab?


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There are a few simple and quick steps that you can take in order to remove the black or green mould or moss from your outdoor carpet that is found on a concrete slab. Firstly, you should vacuum the area free of any mould, moss of mildew. Although this may look like you have got rid of the most noticeable effects, you will need to use a bit more elbow grease to remove the problem entirely. Scrub the area where the mould or moss was found with a combination of one part bleach and two parts water. You should then allow the carpet to air dry in direct sunshine. Be careful when using bleach as it can have a staining effect on the carpet you are trying to treat. It will be fine to use on concrete. The vacuum cleaner bag should be thrown away as soon as possible as the contents of it can be a health hazard if left in the house for an extended period of time.

If possible, carry out this task on a sunny day so that after applying the bleach and water combination you can place the carpet outside. The sunlight will help to take care of a slight mould problem but not a major one. If a moss or mould problem is still evident on your outdoor carpet then try applying undiluted white vinegar using a roller, paintbrush or sponge (depending on the size of the affected area). Use this solution to wipe the area clean until it is free from any mould, moss or mildew and allow it dry outside in the sun.

Removing moss and mould from your outdoor carpet and concrete should be done as soon as possible to avoid it developing into a major problem. Doing so will help your outdoor carpet last much longer and look much better.

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