How Do I Join Wood To Cement? I Need To Join Wood 2x4s To The Basement Floor. Bolts Would Not Work In This Application.


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There is a type of fastener designed just for this purpose, called a masonry anchor screw, or concrete screw. The ones I am most familiar with go by the brand name "Tapcon". There are quite a few varieties, but for use in your basement I would recommend the stainless steel. However, if your floors are pretty dry, the standard variety is coated against rust and should hold up pretty well. If you do not want to see the fasteners, you could counterbore the holes and plug them afterward.

I like the Tapcons because you can drill right through the wood and into the cement, then drive your fastener immediately. In fact, you almost have to do it that way to keep your holes aligned. Also, the holding power is really good - into regular concrete, a 1/4" Tapcon with 1-1/2" of embedment has almost 2000 pounds of pullout strength.

The length of the screw you need is found by adding the thickness of the material to be attached to the recommended minimum of 1" and a maximum of 1-3/4" embedment in the concrete. So, for a 2x4, 1-1/2" thick, a 3" screw would work well. A carbide bit of the correct size is supplied in the box. The hole must be drilled 1/4" deeper than the fastener will reach.
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You can also rent a "Ram Set" it uses a 22 ca. blank to set the nail in the 2x4 and in the concrete, just be careful.
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This can be done easily with a small hammer drill. A 3/16's concrete bit, a common 3 1/4" or 3 " spike and a single or double ( depending on diameter of spike) 3" length of bailing wire. First drill a hole through the 2x4 and concrete. ( concrete and wood should never touch without some sort of sill gasket or poly plastic between them.)  Make sure that you drill the hole at least the length of the spike. Next insert bailing wire and then spike. Hammer in spike and your done. If spike is loose, add another piece of wire untill your fasteners are snug.This is a common technique used in many concrete applications.
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Old Q.Use quick bond adhesive such as grip-fill,making sure surface is dust free,use beads or blobs on run of timber.
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Dig a 400-400-300 and put a stirrup in to the concrete and then you can put your 4-2 on that
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I don't know if this will work... but you can always try the extra hard wood glue. It glues wood together, but I don't know about cement.

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