Can You Lay Tarmac On An Existing Concrete Drive?


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You can but not before breaking the concrete up first.

This isn’t a case of attacking it with a pick axe either. You need to break it up significantly going down to a depth of at least nine inches.
This would then have to be compacted with a piece of heavy machinery.

Laying tarmacadem is not a job for an amateur handyman because it requires a degree of skill and some specialist machinery.
The professionals will first put down a sub-base of crushed hardcore which will be rolled by a steam roller.
The tarmacadem will then go down in two layers, first the base and then the top surface known as the 'wearing' course.
The base will use a larger grade of aggregate and has to be delivered in a heated lorry.
As you can see, it’s not easy or cheap if you haven’t got the tools.

Once this is laid roughly it must be spread out and leveled which is usually done with large rakes. Then the roller is needed again to compact the base layer, only stopping when it no longer makes marks on the surface.
The wearing course has smaller grains of aggregate so the finished result is better looking and harder. It also means that if in years to come the work has started to wear, the wearing course can be skimmed off and replaced. This process is known as overlay. The laying of the wearing course is done in much the same way as the base but with more care.

So you can have a go at laying over the concrete but your best bet if you want a good job done, and one that will last, is to get in the experts who will have the proper tools and the skill set needed.

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