How Do I Build A DG Driveway?


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Kate Brownell , DG Driveway, answered

A decomposed granite patio is an outstanding and least expensive selection for outdoor landscaping. DG is a arrangement of small pieces of granite gravel, and granite fines. This makes it well suited path but also propensity to get dirty in winter which can grow wild plant on it. So instead of DG driveway I suggest for stamped concrete patio driveways and you should consult with concrete walkway contractors It reduces maintenance cost, it does not require replacing, it also increases your property value. Stamped concrete driveways longevity is high.

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John answered
Decomposed granite a form of sandstone that wears aways or degrades after installation. I would suggest using what is referred to as concrete paver base or crushed stone with dust .it can be compacted and then later the asphalt,concrete,stamped concrete, or paver driveway can be put over top of it.hope this helps.

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