How Do I Build A Homemade Tamboura?


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The Tambura is an unfretted lute. It is a stringed instrument used to provide base and gives a drone effect. The tambura looks a lot like a sitar. The things you will need are four strings of forty inches each two of them having a diameter of .020 inches and the two meant for the middle having a diameter of around .010 inches. Since this is a homemade tambura try using a large size round biscuit box to form the bottom of the instrument. A cut out of wood should be used top lid the box. At one side of the drum a flat stick much like a guitars extended arm should be fitted.

The only difference being that this one should be a bit narrower but much longer, enough that the string fits perfectly. The strings should extend from one end of the stick to the other end of the drum. The stick end should be made to resemble a guitar but towards the end of disc on the drums wooden surface a bridge of wood should be fitted to let the strings pass over it before being fastened over the side of the drum. For fine tuning the tambura cotton or kite string pieces should be passed under the string at the location where the strings pass over the bridge.
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I found a wonderful website with pictures, simple directions and a link to listen, as the gentleman plays chords, on the homemade tamboura. There are directions, suggestions, list of materials needed and sources from where you can get the materials. He gives a little history about the tamboura also. You will find information on some other similar instruments.

I feel you will probably be interested in this gentleman's personal Website also. Here you will more pictures of the many instruments he has made and directions on making some of the instruments. You will find a list of his personal music recordings and can make purchases from this Website. One instrument which caught my eye is the bagpipes he made using PVC pipe. Have fun building!

Build a homemade tamboura

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