How Can I Make A Homemade Flashlight?


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Do it the old fashion way... CANDLES!!

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I'd just stick a sheet of wax paper over the reflector of a flashlight with using tape. Plain and simple!

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You can make your own flashlight by following a few instructions. It would require some materials like aluminium foil for about 1 ½" I diameter, ruler, pencil, scissors, two 12 ounce Styrofoam cups, two D-batteries, black duct tape and flexible foam sheets. First cut a cardboard that would fit in two D-batteries. Then check other flash lights an the way how they are built. After that create a design for yourself. Mark down the path of electricity in the flashlights and note down how the power source, the switch and the light are connected to each other.

The next step is to build the flashlight according to the design made by you and then find a way to connect the circuit in such a way that the electricity flows through the battery and bulb. Also build a switch for switching the flashlight on and off as and when required. Check the connections and see if the flashlight is working or not. If the flashlight works then you are successful otherwise check out the problem and redo it.
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