Can I Install Metal Roof Directly On Top Of Old Composition Shingles?


2 Answers

Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
More than removing the existing shingles is the manner of decking typically installed for a corrugated roof.
Decking is 1x4s installed alternately up the rafters. Start at the bottom edge and nail down the first row, space a 1x4 width, nail the next row. We normally get the first row in place, stack up a group above it, and nail off the boards in every other row. (Nail all odd rows going up) After you have nailed off a few rows, you remove the alternate boards and move them up as you need more.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
If you do this, you will in the long run cause more damage to the integrity of the structure, and then you will need to redo the whole thing over again, costing you more yet again. Hope this helps, good luck with it.

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