How Do I Put A Metal Roof On Top Of A 14x60 1978 Fleetwood Mobile Home?


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The best answer for this is you do not try and attempt this feat as it should only be completed by a professional.

The reason for this is that a 1978 Fleetwood Mobile Home is far too fragile when it comes to the roof and replacing it. Originally the 1978 Fleetwood Mobile Home when it was originally built was a marvel of its day and a lot of them were purchased, the sales were huge and in existence today there are not as many of them as there were originally sold. As with any home improvements some things are not recommended to be done DIY (Do It Yourself) and especially when it comes to replacing roofs as there are too many health and safety concerns, it can be particularly dangerous when working on homes both brick and mobile that are older as they can be notoriously difficult to work on.

Fleetwood Mobile homes have received some bad press of late and there has been a lot of talk about issues and difficulties with everything from the bases right up to the roofs. Now the 14x60 metal roof when it comes time for it to be replaced, is wrought with problems as originally there was asbestos used within the construction which need to be removed by a different professional than the one who will eventually replace the metal.

This is just some of the reasons why hiring a professional is so important, as they are trained and have qualifications in order to do the job correctly, up to code and to a high standard. Just one quick search on the internet will find you a local merchant who will come round and price up your job and place a new metal roof on top of your 14x60 1978 Fleetwood Mobile Home.

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