How Do I Build A Pitched Roof On To A Mobile Home?


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Firstly, you will need to obtain the necessary construction permits by contacting your local building inspection department or building commission. You will also need to check that a pitched roof is allowed in your mobile home community, if you live in one. A pitched roof is usually erected by building a custom-made framework that will take the weight of the new roof, so you will need to accurately measure your mobile home’s dimensions. The more specific the plans are, the better the finished result is likely to be. If you have no prior building experience, it is advisable to hire a structural engineer to go through the process with you. Once a wooden frame has been constructed, you will need to accommodate insulation and vapour barriers according to manufacturer’s instructions. Always wear gloves and a facemask when working with insulation materials and leave a few inches between the old and new roof to allow for air circulation. Plywood sheathing should then be nailed to the rafters, with spaces cut for roof and plumbing vents and then covered with roofing felt. To add shingles or tiles nail them onto the roofing felt using roofing nails - starting from the bottom and overlapping as you go. The whole process requires a significant amount of building expertise and should not be attempted without thorough research and preparation. Having a pitched roof on your mobile home can be beneficial for several reasons as traditional flat roofs require more maintenance and can be problematic in wet or snowy areas. Being made of metal, they are also extremely loud when it rains and are often badly insulated, which can be both uncomfortable and expensive when it comes to heating bills.
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Pitched roofs are commonly used as attics for the storage of stuff at home, so you might want to consider getting insulation in. It will not only help to keep your items in a more "regulated' condition rather than letting temperature fluctuate and affect the items that you keep in there.

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You will need to build a frame if you are going to add a pitched roof, since that roof has got to have something to support it.

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