How Do You Build A Roof Over An Existing Porch?


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That sounds like a sales pitch if I ever heard one.   It isn't hard to do, I have done several with no problems.   The best advice is to go to home depot or lowes and buy a book on how to do it as well as putting in some research on the internet.   You will find everything you need to know
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First off you will need to get a blue print from a qualified source. You will need to get a building permit and it will have to be approved and inspected before and after you build your roof! If you have not done this type of building before , you might want to consider getting some quotes from qualified contractors. Bad construction means water leaks and ruined roof. I built houses for over 15 years this is a job for a professional contractor. If you still want to do this after reading this you can go to the contractors desk @ home depot or lowes and they can point you in the right direction. Cutting rafters and ceiling joists is no easy feat for an trainee.

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