How Can I Enclose A Porch?


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To enclose a porch, from the inside of the porch tack the screening to the previously installed studs, making sure to leave extra screening at the sides. Install moulding over the studs in order to make it more pleasant to view. Cut away excessive material so that it is flush with the moulding. Repeat this process until the entire porch is enclosed. It is important you work out before you begin how much material you will need and what type of screening you want to buy. There are several types of screening and some are more durable than others. Aluminium is the most popular material used in porch screening and is relatively inexpensive. Brass, bronze and copper screens will discolour over time, while expense may also be an issue. Fibreglass is the cheapest screening but is very brittle and can break easily; it lasts less than 35-40% as long as aluminium. Stainless steel does not corrode or rust but it is bright and will cause a big glare in bright sunlight. Vinyl-coated polyester is best suited to hot environments. Privacy screens can also be purchased. For true privacy, three conditions must exist. The amount of fibres blocking vision should decrease the closer you are to the screen. The private area must be darker than the outside area, and lighter colours are needed when the ambient lighting differential is non-existent. Enclosing a porch is a good way of keeping bugs and insects out of the house. Enclosing a porch can also increase the room within your house, and if you add large windows to the porch, you can turn the porch into a sun room or conservatory. An enclosed porch also means this area of the house can be used all year round, rather than just in favourable weather conditions.
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There are various ways by which you can enclose a porch and the prime aspect that needs to be taken care of while enclosing it is to make it temporary. The temporary aspect is being highlighted because if you enclose it permanently the purpose of the porch is being wasted.

The fabric that you can use for the purpose should be thick one and should have rolling device at one end. With the rolling device you can roll the fabric when the enclosure is not required and it also help the fabric to be at one place when wind is blowing heavily.

Sometimes a straw mattress is also used for the purpose and it is considered good because it lets the air enter into the porch while stopping other things and especially peering eyes.
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I need some ideas on how to enclose a porch

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