How Do You Install A Wood Burning Stove?


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All appliances that require fuel to be burnt must be installed in such a way that the combustion system, including the combustion air inlets and the flue gas outlets is completely separated from the atmosphere inside a manufactured home. It is better to install appliances that have direct-vent systems or sealed combustion systems.

Appliances should be installed within enclosures. This separates the combustion system and the venting system from the atmosphere in the interior of a house. A fireplace or a wooden stove must be equipped with a door or shutter so that the opening of the fire chamber can be closed.

A listed chimney which is built in a factory is designed in such a way that it can directly be attached to fireplaces and wood stoves. The chimney needs to be equipped with a device that can facilitate the termination and a spark arrester. You must follow the instructions carefully while installing a wood burning stove, the air intake assembly, the hearth and the chimney.

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