How Do You Build A Window Seat?


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To build a window seat, you first have to measure the height, width and the depth of the area of the window seat. Then you have to select the number of wall cabinets. The next step involves determining the lineal footage. This can be done by measuring the width of the area and the depth of the cabinet and deducting about a quarter of an inch from it for the toekick.

Then you have to build the wooden frame pedestal, slide the frame flat into the seat area, anchor the sides and back of the frame to the wall studs, centre the cabinets under the window, hold the cabinets together with the help of clamps, predrill holes into the side frames, drill pilot holes into the base pedestal and measure the distance between the wall and the sides of the cabinet.

The last set of steps in the procedure involves transferring the measurement to the filler material and cutting, fastening the filler pieces to the sides of the cabinet and framing them with the help of wood screws, cutting a piece of moulding, measuring the width and depth of the area, sanding and finishing the plywood, running a bead of adhesive caulk along the top edges of the cabinets, placing the top on the cabinets, pressing into place and filling all nails with caulk and wood putty.

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