How Do You Build A Pole Barn?


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Building a pole barn is not a cake walk and could take some level of knowledge and experience in building barns. You should first make a plan as how you want to build the pole barn. The recommended distance between the poles is 10 inches (make it an inch or 2 closer if you are using metal pole). It is a better idea not to make the barn very tall. Next, start digging. Each pole has to be at least 18 inches deep into the ground. Place the poles in the holes and secure them there with the help of concrete. Now, you have to put the material you are using for the rest of the barn. You could be using metal sheets or wood planks, just make sure that they are properly secured. Make a door at a selected point. Once all sides are done, throw a roof on it. You can even make a loft, but a second storey may be not be a very good idea.

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