How Do You Build A Wall Tent?


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A wall tent is basically defined as a tent which is made of canvas. It has four vertical walls. To build a wall tent, you have to first determine the standard features which a canvas tent has and compare them with the features you want for your wall tent. The second important decision you have to take while building a wall tent is about the costs which you will incur on the additional features or options which you want.

People usually build wall tents of canvas and sometimes include some standard features of a wall tent, such as a front door which has a zipper, a stove jack, a nine-to ten-inch-long sod cloth made of vinyl to keep the canvas tent dirt-free, and sealed touching the ground as well as a rope with tensioners and a set of tent stakes. Most of these materials are easily available in the market. They just have to be assembled to make the canvas wall tent, which is then pitched at the campsite.

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