How Do You Build A Bungalow Extension?


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A bungalow extension is the attachment of a room or a flat to your existing bungalow. You can add an additional room to the attic. Dormers are also very good conversion to your room, because adding a second floor will provide you with ample amount of space. Adding a room will increase the value of your house considerably.

If you are thinking of going for a dormer conversion, you should keep track of the following things: A complete survey of your bungalow, legal permission to build a room, Building Regulations Approval. While doing survey, it is also very important to verify the strength of the whole bungalow to check if the bungalow can sustain the construction of a new additional room. Without a legal approval from the Building Inspector, the extension added to the bungalow will considered illegal.

The following link will provide you information to add an extension to your bungalow:

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