How To Hang Drapes So As To Avoid Static?


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Whenever you hang drapes or curtains in the good old way by just hanging in on the curtain rod or even the French style you are sure to get static. So firstly you can use certain natural remedies to avoid static in your drapes.

By adding baking soda, borax or half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle while washing your curtains in the machine will definitely reduce the static. Then when you iron your curtain use the steam option and after ironing those curtains hang them up immediately. You can also use static remover dryer sheets or purchase a can of spray called static guard that takes out static from those curtains. This will definitely reduce the static from your curtains before putting them up on the rod. Then try and tie up your curtains at the middle. Today the market offers a wide range of beautiful curtain holders. This is the most simple and the most efficient way that you can avoid static.

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