How Much Can I Extend My House?


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Before you start making plans to build an extension to your house, you should check to see if you need planning permission first. You may need to fill in a planning permission form if your property is built near roads or highways, is within conservation area, is a listed building or if there is a condition attached to the planning permission which restricts the building of extensions or additions.

On some occasions, planning permission is not needed for work on a small scale, such as building a patio for domestic use (for parking) or building gates, walls or fences (although height restrictions may apply) around the property. Such work is referred to as ‘permitted development’ but remember to bear in mind that Building Control approval is still needed even if planning permission isn’t required.

How much you can extend your house by can be determined after discussing your plans with a planning officer. After setting up the appointment, the advisor will look through the history of the property with you to find out what the terms and conditions are relating to building regulations for your house. Once you have been given the green light with a written permission for a home extension, do a bit of research before calling in architect and builders.

Important planning restrictions and regulations have to be followed to ensure safety - you don’t want a crumbling extension after only a month and a botched extension can devalue a property! It might be worth asking friends and family for recommendations and taking a look at the work from the professionals recommended. A list of registered builders in your local area can also be found on the National Federation of Builders (NFB) website.
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Terrace property - add bedroom over existing kitchen extension, extending bedroom further out than kitchen and building outside shower and separate toilet
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There are a lot of factors that play vital role to the extension of a house. The prime factor that people take care of is the strength of the house; it should be extended in such away that the strength of the house does not get affected, and it should complement the structure of the house.

Some experts suggest that the ideal ratio that should be applied to extend the house is one third of the size of the house, and this sounds sensible. Because I have seen several houses that have followed this ratio and are looking good in terms of beauty and strength also. So if you are intending to go for the extension, take the advice of a good architect and follow the advice that I have given and get a good house.

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