How Do You Repair A Chair Caster?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
The term 'chair caster' describes the wheels that are fitted into chair to make it move and if you want to repair them, the process is quite difficult. As we all know that the wheel when fitted in a swivel chair bears all the weight of the chair and if it get damaged, all the movements get halted. So the best thing you can do is to change the wheels rather than repairing it.

But if you are hell-bent on repairing the wheels, some methods can be suggested. What you can do is to take the pieces of the wheels that are damaged and put some good adhesive into it. You should leave the wheels for a while and when you are assured that the glue has fixed it well, you can go for fitting them into the chair. But even after fitting them in the chair, you should let it be there for a good time so that it can adjust to the weight of the chair.

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