How Can I Build My Own Teepee?


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Building your own teepee is not a difficult thing to do. It can be easily be made in your own backyard. Here is how you will need to start with the making process. A teepee should be approximately nine feet tall and eight feet wide. You will also a need a few bamboo poles which are approximately 10 to 12 feet tall. You will need fabric or awning or a tent canvas to cover the teepee. Take three poles and tie them at the top of it so that it looks like a tripod. Cut the tent canvas by measuring the size of each side of the teepee and place it on top of it. After placing, you will need to tie the tent canvas as well or you can also staple it to the poles.

This is all it needs to make a teepee. It should be done in no time at all.
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Please disregard this post unless you want a play teepee for your child. The smallest "useable" teepee should be no less than 12 feet across. You will need to use 6 or 8 ounce cotton duck/ canvas and 14 poles, wood, not bamboo, of at least 14 feet in length. you will also need pegs, lacing pins, a liner and a door. There are patterns on the internet to follow if you can find the canvas. Staples and tent fabric will only get you wet and cold. No disrespect to the poster of this answer but there is more to a teepee than you think. It is possible to build one, but care should be taken to do it right.

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