How Can I Make My Own Curtains?


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Making your own curtains may seem a daunting task, but once you learn the basics, you may feel inspired to dress the other windows in your house. There are many books available that illustrate how to make curtains. Alternatively, curtain-making is such a practical skill that there may be someone amongst your family or friends who can show you.

The process involves a number of steps, for which illustrations are helpful. However, a list of the basic supplies will give you an idea of what's involved: curtain fabric; lining fabric; thread that matches the curtain fabric; and curtain tape. Tools that are needed are: a sewing machine; pins and needles; measuring tape and a fabric marker. Of course the sewing machine isn't mandatory for those who prefer the old-fashioned way!

A basic rule for finding out the width of your curtains is to double the width of the entire window space you want to cover. This way, your curtains will look ample and full.
To measure a bay window, add together the widths of each window.

The length of your curtains can be obtained by measuring from the curtain pole to the floor and adding six inches. The extra fabric can be hemmed later and will act as a safeguard in case your measurements fall short.

Curtain fabric comes in standard widths and most often, you will need to sew two pieces together to create one curtain. If your curtain fabric has a large pattern, you will need extra in order that the pattern can be matched seamlessly when you sew the pieces together. While it may sound complicated, practice is the best way to learn. Curtain-making is a 'learning by doing' process ~ perhaps easier done than said!
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Check it out for DIY processes for making and designing curtains on internet.You will definitely find the best way to do that.Take ideas from your friends and innovate any new idea too.

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