I Need Instructions On How To Build A Diner Booth. Can Anyone Help?


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You can build your own Kit booth, just keep looking around for 'how to magazines, etc.  We are in research for doing the same thing:)
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Wow, I wonder why you want to make a dinner booth at home in the first place. You can purchase a decent dinner booth with discounted prices online. I can give you some website addresses Tampa4sale.com and Amazon.com will give you the best deal.

You can also have a dinner booth custom made by giving in your requirement, kitchen or room size and your address. Visit BarsandBooths.com, for some amazing designs and startling prices.

The standard size of a dinner booth is 30", 44" or 60". You will be able to find a wide variety of upholstery including the ever popular Zodiac vinyl's. A booth set should include a coordinating table and base. You can choose from many laminates available.

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