How Do You Pick A Lock ?


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Okay so you neek a pocket knife and a big paper clip.

You bend the paper clip so that there is a straight part on it. You stick that into the top of the lock. If you look you will see little like shelves sort of and you have to make sure all of those are pressed up.Then you take the pocket knife and turn the lock.
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If the movies are to be believed, all you need is a hair pin which you insert into the lock and then jiggle around for five seconds or so. The, hey presto, the door swings open and you enter with a big grin on your face.

Unfortunately, it's slightly more complicated than that. Indeed, most burglars tend to use brute force rather dexterity to gain entry. More crude battering ram than hair pin, to be honest.

The only people that can successfully pick any kind of secure lock is a locksmith and he will need something called a skeleton key to do so. Or rather a whole bunch of skeletons keys until the lock opens.

In any case, most modern locks are not designed to be easily picked. Not like the days of old when there were certain cars that would start with the key off a corned beef tin.
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I happened to stumble across this response and just could not resist the opportunity to reply.

I am sorry, but your answer lacks any insight or basic knowledge regarding lock smithing. I guess you have never witnessed a lock smith manipulating a secured lock in lieu of a key. You might be surprised to learn that a lock smith can actually "pick" the lock using a "lock pick". However, you do not necessarily need to be a lock smith to "pick" a lock. With a lot of patience and considerable practice, anyone can learn to pick a lock without the formal training received by the lock smith.

In some cases, the associated tools of the trade may not be required. For instance, given the scenario, the only tool that may be needed is a credit card. Using a credit card, however, to compress the locking mechanism would not technically be considered "picking the lock" but rather deemed "breaking and entering".
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You can pick a lock from locksmith firm. For this you just need to look for a locksmith company online and see the feedback they have got. You can even simply search for "locksmith in San Francisco".

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I don't think this question is legal. But if you mean to open the lock in your own apartment for, say, loss of keys, then I can recommend the services of local locksmith. Follow the link to the site and see what exactly these guys are doing. They perform opening of locks of any complexity, including working with electronic locks. So, good luck to you.

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Half a year ago I moved to London and I rent an apartment from my friend, with whom I have been in contact for a long time since childhood. And a couple of days ago I went for a walk, and upon returning home, I realized that I had lost my keys somewhere and I needed to call the master who would open the door, because spare keys were in the apartment. My friend knew what to do and said to contact this is a website lock change with a good service. Hopefully I don't have to use them again.

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Lock picking is defined as the manipulation of a lock's components to open the lock without a normal key. Therefore to pick a lock successfully one must understand the principles of both lock and key. A standard deadbolt lock consists of pins tumblers that are rotated by the key to open the lock. Most locks are similar in concept so learning this method of lock picking will serve you well. 

  • Buy a practice lock. Get a standard five-pin deadbolt lock that can be disassembled. 
  • Remove all but the first pin closest to the front of the lock.
  • The way to pick a door lock is by maneuvering the pin tumblers to the sheer line. The sheer line is a mechanism of measurement that tells the lock it is okay to open. As a key lifts the first pin it tumbles into its sheer line groove, the key is already entering the gap of the second pin, and so on.
  • Fashion the pick tool. Pick tools can be made from a straightened paperclip, the flat end of a hairpin, or a tiny flathead screwdriver. They can also be fashioned out of straight or safety pins, or an industrial staple.
  • Turn the lock upside down and watch as gravity pulls the pin down. This shows where to insert the pick and apply gentle pressure downward. When you hit the sheer line, the plug will turn and the student will know the feel and pressure needed to release a pin. Turn the lock right side up and practice.
  • Once the one pin has been mastered, add another pin back into the lock. Close the lock and try again. If the first pin is not released, the second pin cannot be engaged. Keep practicing and adding pins until all five are back in the lock.
With concentrated focus on the lock picking, mastery of this technique can take as little as an hour.  The more pins that a lock has, the sturdier the pick will need to be.

One never knows where and when a lock will need to be picked.  However, mastering the art of lock picking may get an individual back into their own car or home without incurring the expense of calling a locksmith.
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You can borrow a new one from the mother.
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Russianess is an idiot. That will not work on a Schlage Wafer lock.

Picking a lock is easy. There are two main things you need to do. Put tension on the key hole to create a ledge and knowledge of when the lock is open and push the pins up.

You can use the metal clip of uniball pen as a tension tool while using a long something to stick in the lock to push the pins up, the back ones to the front ones. I used a needle my first time for instance.

Ultimately you can youtube it and learn a lot better than reading how to.
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No no no the best way its to cut it off or my Fave use a shot gun!!! BAM! But note you will not see the lock anymore...
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Just Buy a pocket knife and get a paper clip put the paper on the top part of the lock and the pocket knife in the bottom part
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Speed girl is right but this only will work on one kind of lock called a Schlage Waffer lock which you don't see all that often; but if you have one this will work and it's a cool trick. Usually old hotels have these.

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