I Need Instructions On How To Use A Steam Magic Pro Iron.


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A Steam Magic Pro Iron is one more in a long list of steam irons designed, manufactured and sold over the last fifty years or so. Basically, they all work, if the person using them follows the directions, but like with so many products we get careless, take shortcuts causing the product not work as well as advertised. Often, these and similar items get placed on the back of the shelf and are forgotten.

We all dread discovering, at the last moment the dress, suit, shirt, blouse, we planned to wear for a special occasion is wrinkled and it is usually "right in the front, where the wrinkles show," we often say. We dislike the thought of dragging out the awkward and sometimes heavy ironing board, the iron which, manages to get too hot for silk or satin. The steam iron, which does not steam anymore. "It is just inconvenient and at the last the moment, ugh, we think and sometimes say."

But alas, comes the latest invention and we do not have to inconvenience ourselves, even at the last moment. Steam Magic Pro to the rescue! Hang the dress on the tub curtain hanger or any convenient place. Get out the Steam Pro, add some distilled water or tap water with a pinch of salt. Turn it on, wait for the steam to roll.

Stand in front of the dress with the iron in hand, hold the steam iron about eight inches from the dress and move the iron downward top to bottom hem, slowly, when you reach the bottom of the dress turn the steamer away from the dress and lift the steamer back up to the top. Begin the process again with a downward, horizontal motion. Continue the process until you have steamed the dress top to bottom two or three times. Let it hang and completely dry, if not you will have new wrinkles caused by it putting on, while it is still damp.

Steam will not harm any fabric, unless you place the iron against the material, then it will act as any hot iron. Unlike a hot iron it never scorches, never melts that piece of plastic on the end of the old ironing board, as the regular iron always did. It will not melt your plastic buttons or strip the paint off your metal buttons. It is compact, easy to take wherever you might need it and best of all it is not in the least bit heavy.

Caution: Remember only the steam touches the garment. Keep away from places, from which it could fall to the floor, and out of the way of curious children and pets. Never move the iron from bottom to top, this would be like mixing a homemade cake backwards, you will undo the pressing and cause the material to appear wrinkled. Enjoy!
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First of all, you should have received an instruction booklet along with the iron. Look for it in the box, and if its not there, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the iron and ask for a copy. If you have lost your copy of the instruction booklet, I'm sure the dealer can oblige you with an extra copy. Alternatively, you could write to the company requesting for another instruction booklet.

Anyhow, other than the complicated applications, I think one can more or less figure out the basic working of a steam iron. For example, to a Steam Magic Pro Iron, simply put in normal tap water and some salt and it will iron just fine. The Steam Magic Pro iron does not melt glues or plastic, even painted tee shirts are safe, so no worries there.

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