Can I Use A Euro-Pro® Shark Steam Pocket Mop On Per Go Flooring?


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I don't think so. I have Pergo and I would not try it. For several years when I first got my floor, I would get down on my hands and knees with a damp rag and a clean towel and mop the floors that way. Then I decided that my old age was not going to allow that any longer. I now use Clorox Ready Mop and use as little of the liquid as I think I can get away with. My floor is not about 12 years old and it is in as good a shape as the day it was installed. It is in a high traffic area (the kitchen, utility room and one bathroom) I absolutely love it and hope you are as happy with your floor as I am mine. Just remember the least amount of water you can use the better. I use a dust mop in-between actually wet mopping and I do that as infrequently as I think I can get away with. Pergo is the only way to go if you ask me. My son & his wife had to have real wood. They have already replaced it and mine is still looking good. Why would you want to listen to your Mother??? Ha!

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