Can I Steam Clean Wax From A No Wax Floor?


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Yes you can. I assume you are talking about paraffin wax. As in candle wax. Place an ice cube on the wax or an ice pack if it is a larger area. Chip up the hardened wax with a dull knife.(don't scratch the floor) Mix a teaspoon of dish washing liquid to a quart of water. Heat it in the microwave in a safe and easy to handle container. I recommend a pyrex measuring cup. Pour enough boiling water on the wax to melt it and use a pair of tongs to hold a terry cloth towel and wipe up the residue. If you are talking about removing the wax finish from a no wax floor thats something else. Commercial floor stripper with a solvent and ammonia base will remove it and new no wax floor finish is available to resurface the floor. However usually you would just clean the floor and resurface over the old finish.
I hope this helps
Larry Conley Owner SnLco

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