How To Remove Floor Wax Off A Stainless Steel Kickplate?


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Try heating the floor wax with a hairdryer so you can apply the heat directly, and then use some vinegar to remove the floor wax. Not only should this get rid of the floor wax, but it will give the kick-plate a lovely shine, too.

Because of its acidic nature, vinegar can be used for many household chores including:

• Killing weeds: Just spray onto the weeds
• Air freshener: Leave a saucer of vinegar in a room overnight to kill odors
• Shoe cleaner: Wipe shoes with vinegar solution
• Label remover: Soak with vinegar and label will peel off
• Rust remover: Soak items for a few days and corrosion will dissolve

You can also use it as a wallpaper solvent so removing old wallpaper is not such a difficult job. All you have to do is to make a solution of a cup of white vinegar and two or three liters of water as hot as you can stand and apply to the walls. As soon as you manage to lift a corner of the wallpaper and the solution begins to find its way underneath it will start to break down the paste and you will find the job so much easier. The added bonus to this method is that it will not stain carpets or other types of flooring.

Another household chore that can be made easier by using vinegar is cleaning the microwave. Just put a couple of tablespoons into a bowl and microwave on high for between 45 seconds and a minute, depending on how powerful your model is. Remove the bowl, taking care not to splash the hot vinegar onto yourself, and simply wipe out the oven.

A hot vinegar compress can be a useful pain reliever for strains and sprains, too, but it's not magic so if you suspect a break you should seek medical attention.

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