How Can You Clean Stainless Steel Jewellery?


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Abrasives will scratch stainless steel, but if it is thick with oil you may need to scrub with Baking soda.  You also can use oven cleaner to get it back to new...make sure you rinse very well afterwards because I am sure it would leave a nasty rash on the neck.
Another thing.  Gook can be cleaned off of Stainless steel with Mineral OIl (a.k.a. Baby oil)
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Stainless steel jewellery can be easily maintained with a little care. Wash it in warm water and soapy solutions. It can be done with the help of any mid detergent or get solutions made for this purpose from the market. Then clean it dry with a dry and clean cloth. A window cleaner can also be used for the purpose of ridding stainless steel jewellery from sticky and greasy stains.

Keep in mind is to avoid using sharp tool and abrasive cleaners to clean the jewellery because this would leave scratch marks and also remove the protective shield that is found on stainless steel things. This shield protects these objects from corrosion and rusting and the usage of sharp things and harsh detergents would remove this protective shield.

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