Which Stainless Steel Sink Is Thicker, 16 Or 18 Gauge?


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"A stainless steel sink's gauge is opposite to the thickness of the steel- the lower the gauge, the thicker the stainless steel used to make the sink. Therefore, the stainless steel used to make a 16 gauge sink is thicker than that used to make an 18 gauge sink.  
16 gauge stainless steel is 0.0625 inches thick, and weighs roughly 2.52 pounds per square foot. The stainless steel on an 18 gauge sink is subsequently slightly thinner at 0.0500 inches thick and weighs in at 2.016 pounds per square foot.  Unfortunately I only have access to the Imperial measurements, but Metric measurements should be easily obtainable, possibly via the converter (that could be found on the internet).        

With reference to 'which gauge should I choose?' in August 2007, 'Consumer reports' published a report stating that lower gauges were no more resistant to dents, scratches, heat and stains than their lower gauge counterparts. 'Consumer reports' therefore concluded that what gauge you picked 'didn't matter', however, they only tested gauges ranging from 18 to 23, not 16. Many experts in the matter state that 18 gauge stainless steel should be more than thick enough for residential sinks, however, should you wish to play it safe, then the thicker the gauge, the more dependable the sink should, in theory, be, despite Consumer report's experimental findings.
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Normally when you are talking about gauge, the smaller the number, the bigger it is.So in this case 16 would be thicker than an 18.
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18 got one

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