How Do You Unclog A Kitchen Sink With A Garbage Disposal?


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richard johnson answered
My garbage disposal is working but when I run water in either side of my sink it backs up and when I cut the disposal on the water goes from one side of the sink to the other. How can I fix it?
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Vikash Swaroop answered
The term 'garbage disposal' describes the kind of equipment that is powered by electricity and it makes shreds of the garbage that is in the sink, thus making sure that the sink is not get blocked.

So when you have installed garbage disposal beneath your kitchen sink, you do not require doing any thing as it itself makes shreds of the garbage and if here are so small pieces of the garbage, they will not be able to clog the sink and every thing will be free to flow. Even if after installing the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, you find that the sink gets jammed or clogged, then certainly either your garbage disposal in not working well or there are some other problem. Then you should remove it clean the pipe of the sink with the help of a stick.

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