Can You Use A Garbage Disposal With A Septic Tank?


2 Answers

Rachele Grover Profile
Rachele Grover answered
I have a septic system also and when I got it pumped out when we first moved in, I asked the person who was pumping out our septic if it was wise to put in a garbage disposal.  This person said no because the food and grease that you put down in your septic system will destroy the pipes and put toxins in your ground water.  You do not need to do this because if you have ground water like we do actually free water you do not need to poison your water source.
Anthony Cook Profile
Anthony Cook answered
They was frowned upon in the past,but now they mince food up so good there ok.Id use a 1/2 horse or better.I like the ISE disposals.As long as you got a decent septic tank and all is workin good,should not be a problem.But never no grease.This is mainly my opion,but check this out also, may help answer your question

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