Is There A Wiring Diagram For Installation Of A Garbage Disposal?


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You need to look closely at the wires. The wires are usually coated with a colored plastic covering, or they can have a transparent plastic over them.
Black is the hot wire.  A brass screw in a light fixture is the hot connection.
The Silver wire is the neutral wire.  Neutral wires are indicated by either of the following:  the wire has ridges; the wire has writing under the clear plastic; the wire has an inner "tracer" line or wire, the wire is white.
Your chandelier doesn't "just" have a copper wire and a silver wire but it has a copper wire which is covered with a plastic and a silver wire covered with a plastic.  The color determines whether neutral or hot.
Anyway, silver wire is the neutral wire, or as you say, negative.
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There should of been instructions with it.I could hook up but it hard to explain with out drawing it out for you.I doubt it is code but if I did not know how to connect it.I would go to the hard ware and buy a plug end, that would be a male plug end that plugs into the wall out let.I would connect it to the wires on the disposal,then I would plug into one of those power boards that have all the plug in and a roll switch built in to it.It is normally used for plugging all your computer components in to.that would give you your on off switch for the disposal.
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I guess it helps when I read the whole question.okay you have a switch already to hook should have 3 wires on the disposel.I know one is probaly green.there may be a green screw on your switch .the other 2 are what color? black and white? blue and white?or red and white? I wish I could draw this out for you.
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Why don't you Google the whole procedure? You can visit some online blogs or yahoo groups for more help!

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