How Do I Empty A Garbage Disposal?


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If one makes proper use of a garbage disposal unit, then it will automatically keep itself clean. However, there are many ways in which it can become dirty. A cautionary measure would be not to put lye or other chemical drain pipe cleaners in the garage disposal unit.

To keep you unit clean, regularly purge the drain line by way of filling the sink with up to two to three inches of cold water, especially after you have disposed food waste which is fibrous in texture. After filling the sink with water, turn the disposal on and let the water run through without adding any waste to it.

Also, if you are going out for several days, ensure that all the water has been flushed out of the disposal to prevent an odour from forming in the house. If an odour does occur, you can run orange or lemon peels, even ice cubes through the disposal unit.
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If we pour more quantity of water with some chemicals like phenoil then odour doesn't occurs from the garbage

And regularly we will wash our clothes with water mixed surf then we can pour that water also so that we keep our garbage clean and moreover we are using that waste water for the good purpose
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garbage disposal are not made to be emptied

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The ice cubes will actually sharpen the blades, and the peelings or peeling with some of the orange on it makes a great disposal freshener!!! Hope this helps.

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