I Spilled Hot Wax In My Kitchen Sink. It Is Stainless Steel, So I'm Trying To Figure Out The Easiest And Safest Way To Remove The Wax. Can You Help?


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Hi lilletlet!

The only methods I have used to get wax off of anything are:

1) ice cubes which harden the wax, allowing you to chip it off (and since it's your sink I would use a plastic or rubber spatula); and

2) paper towels and an iron set on low heat, just enough to melt the wax, and paper towels to soak it up. I have found that this method gets the wax off without leaving a mark and works on most items, however, I have a porcelain sink so I can't attest to its use there.

Please let us know what works for you, and good luck!!
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Try goo can find it at gets wax up great!
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This worked wonderfully! I was worried that if i melted it, the wax would stop up the pipes so i tried this one. It took a little scrubbing but wasnt too hard. Thanks for the input!
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Heat the sink ,till the wax get melted
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Replace the sink
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There are many ways that you can try to remove wax from kitchen sinks. Let me share a few of them:

  • Put boiled water in the sink and repeat this often.
  • You can try Un-Du Wax Remover, down the sink and wait for it to unclog.
  • Remove the drain's p-trap and scrape the wax from the pipe.
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