I Have Yellow Stains On My Acrylic Shower--how Can I Remove?


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The yellow is iron stains. You can get "Iron Out" in any grocery store, and most people from the country will tell you it WORKS!

Some times it is put in a washing machine, too. If you are on well water, with iron, NEVER use liquid bleach it makes the iron come out of solution and gives it the ability to stain.
If you live in a very old area you might have old iron pipes that are rusting on the in side, and causing the problem, too. If so follow the country people's rules above, or go to the laundry mat, or call for water treatment!
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I dropped hair tint in the shower which is acrylic, a bright and shinny white. I have tried everything I can think of, all the usual things--baking soda, vinegar, and other products from the grocery store.  Help  Jackie

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